In the information below, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

We do not have a school bus. However, we are located close to Hellerup Station, which is a very well-connected train station.

We are a British style school and we follow the Cambridge and the English national curriculum.

Reception Class is the first year of school in our International Department. Students must be 4 years old before September 1st the year they start in Reception Class. Reception Class is not mandatory. Students can wait and start in Year 1 when they are 5 years old (Year 1 students must have turned 5 before September 1st the year they start school). Read more about Reception class here.

No, we do not wear uniforms at Rygaards School.

No, we do not have a school canteen, so children bring their own lunches. We do, however, have some different catering options in place, for which it is possible to sign up.

Classes in the International Department start at 9 and finish at 14:45.

At Rygaards, we have 2 classes per year group and 24 students in each class.

We follow the Danish holiday schedule, and the academic year starts in August. You can see the holiday schedule here

We do not have a deadline for applications, so you can apply all year. We have a rolling intake, meaning that students can start at Rygaards all year, given that a place is available.

We follow the Cambridge IGCSE exam programme. This is a two-year exam course, attended by Year 10 and Year 11. This means that we, unfortunately, cannot admit new students in Year 10 after the midterm break in October and onwards, and that we do not take in new students in Year 11 at all.

At Rygaards we have these different aftercare programs:

Reception class: we have Caterpillar club every day after school until 17

Year 1: we have Butterfly club every day after school until 17:30 (17 on Fridays)

Year 2 – Year 4: SFO every day after school until 17:30 (17 on Fridays)

We also offer different after school clubs, which you can read about here.

Rygaards School is a Catholic school, but all religions are welcomed, accepted and respected.

Rygaards assigns classes based on students’ ages against the academic year of September 1st to August 31st. This means that students coming from other educational systems may find themselves placed in a year above or below the year they were in at their old school. We always aim to place our students according to the British system in order to keep the students surrounded by their peers.

Children must start school in Reception Class when they are 4 years old or in Year 1 when they are 5 years old. A child can not start in Year 2 (the class for 6-year-olds) without previous schooling, and a 6-year-old child cannot start in Year 1.

Students in the Primary School will be taught Danish 2 lessons a week from Year 2 onwards. Students in the Secondary School will have 3 weekly Danish lessons.

From Year 7 the students will choose French, German or Spanish as a foreign language.