Rygaards International School

We are, of course, proud of our academic achievements, our strong roots and good reputation at Rygaards International School, but we believe that there are other important aspects when choosing a school.

Well established

Rygaards International School is a private, Christian/Catholic, co-educational school that welcomes pupils of all faiths and cultures. It is one of the leading international schools in Denmark with an excellent reputation in providing an outstanding and thriving all-round education based on the English curriculum for 4 to 16 year olds.

Established in 1909 by the Assumption Sisters, we are the oldest international school in Denmark. Since its early beginnings, the school has offered quality education to children irrespective of creed and nationality. Today, it is a modern, well-equipped school, set in beautiful park grounds, just 5 kilometers from the city centre.

We are of course proud of our academic achievements, our strong roots and good reputation, but we believe that there are other important aspects when choosing a school.

Preparing students for the world beyond our gates

Our passion is education: preparing young people to embrace the challenges ahead of them and to prepare them for life in the global society in which their futures lie. The key to success in our school is a highly qualified, experienced and inspirational team of teachers committed to helping the students in our care to be the best they can be. We are committed to academic excellence, achieved through nurturing the personal development of every student in all aspects of their learning, in a caring and supportive atmosphere.

We also believe that education is about much more than lessons and qualifications, important though they are. The school sees as its mission to strengthen the self-confidence of each individual student; to cultivate in him or her a sense of responsibility; to develop a willingness to help in the community; to encourage respect for others and to foster a sense of ethical awareness.

The link between home and school is integral to a child’s success and we encourage parents to take an active part in their child’s learning. We see parents as partners in the education of their children.

We invest in our students, not for profit

Fees are reasonable because the school is subsidized by the Danish State. Our school is run on a ‘not for profit’ basis; all of the revenue from school fees is used to invest in the education of our students, and to maintain and develop the quality of the school’s facilities and resources.

Beautiful campus grounds and modern facilities

Rygaards School offers excellent facilities including a brand new Learning Resource Center, two gymns, two science laboratories, two art rooms, two music rooms, a special service unit, various specialist rooms and extensive grounds. The local Parish Church of St. Theresa is an integral part of the school buildings and is used by the school for both Catholic and Ecumenical services.

Pastoral care

There is good supervision and communication between the class teacher and pupils where the former acts as an informal counsellor. Furthermore, there has always been a strong tradition of a nurturing family atmosphere that stems from close contact between pupils and teaching staff.


There are international, national and local trips organized for the pupils on a regular basis.

In the Secondary School, several additional overseas trips are offered. These are not subsidized by the school.

School structure

Rygaards School is managed by a Board of Governors consisting of 5 members. The day-to-day running of the school is managed by a team of 5 leaders. 

The school consists of two schools under one roof, an International School and a Danish School.

The International School has approx. 540 students from 4-16 years of age and caters – irrespective of creed and nationality, for those who are only in Denmark on a temporary basis.

The Danish School has approx. 470 students from 6-16 years of age and serves a community that is permanently resident in Denmark. It prepares the students, in Danish, for further education in Danish institutions.

Extra curricular activities

A wide-ranging programme is organised each year by a committee of parents and offered to students from both the Danish and International schools. The programme begins in September and finishes in May. It takes place on the school premises from 15.00 to 16.30 each weekday and includes classes in cooking, music, drama, creative arts and games, etc.

The charges for the After School Activities Programme are payable to the organising committee. Further information is provided on enrolment. Enrolment takes place online.

The Primary School takes part in sports events organised by the Danish International Schools Network. In addition, friendly football and cricket matches are held, often with other local International teams.

In the Secondary School, we are proud to offer the International Award (also known as the Duke of Edinburgh Award), thriving debate and MUN teams, as well as regular participation in COBIS student competitions such as the Annual Poetry Competition.


Active parent participation helps to create a very strong sense of community. We have an International Parents Committee and the Catholic Parents Association.

International Parents' Association

The purpose of the International Parents’ Association (IPC) is to help the International School, and to give help and advice to new families arriving in Denmark. All parents are asked to subscribe on a family basis to an annual fee of 150 DKK. The IPC elects a committee, which has its own rooms on the school premises. The International Parents’ Committee co-operates with the corresponding Parents’ Committee of the Danish School on projects of mutual interest.

Rygaard Catholic Families Association

Rygaards Catholic Families Association (RCFA) is involved in the provision of catholic services for the families at Rygaard’s International School. The RCFA holds masses every other Sunday in St. Therese’s church. It organises refreshments after services, prepares children for their First Holy Communion and Confirmation, and liaises with the Mother Teresa Soup Kitchen for the homeless to give food at harvest time and to help on occasions.