Podcast: Rygaards School's History, Values, and Spirit

Listen to our podcast about Rygaards School, and learn about the school’s memorable history and inspiring values, and meet the Swedish nun, Sister Anna Kristina, who proudly talks about the school’s development, the nuns’ life at the school in the past, and Rygaards’ contribution to helping Jews during the war.

Rygaards School has a proud and tradition-rich history. Since its founding in 1909, the school has been a meeting point for different nationalities, cultures, and religions. In this podcast, you will be transported back to 19th-century France, and you will meet Sister Anna Kristina, who through stories from the past enlightens us about Rygaards School’s spirit and values, which are based on principles such as equality, responsibility, integrity, and respect for others. Listen and let yourself be inspired by our proud traditions!

Josh Grant has recorded the school’s song, which you can enjoy in the podcast during the intro and outro, as well as background music. At the end of the podcast, Josh is accompanied by students from Rygaards School, who sing our school song.