SFO - An inviting and fun place to play, learn, and grow

Welcome to the SFO at Rygaards International School. We look forward to welcoming your child to our after school care. The SFO offers a nurturing environment with modern indoor and outdoor facilities. We value close collaboration with parents to ensure the individual child’s well-being. The SFO staff is always available for an informal or formal meeting if you wish to discuss matters concerning your child.

Pedagogical approach

We work to include all children and make sure everyone is part of our community. We solve conflicts when they arise, and we apply an acknowledging approach towards the children. We listen and are attentive when we are with the children, and their well-being is our first priority. Each SFO teacher follows a class from Year 2 to 4, and we have a close partnership with the schoolteachers regarding well-being and dynamics in the class.

We will pick-up the children at 14:45 when they are off from school and follow them to SFO, where we show them the Whiteboard where all our activities for the day are posted. All our activities are carefully planned to create the best possible basis for versatile personal development for each child. Through creativity and physical activities, we strengthen the children’s social relations, their ability to cooperate with others, and their imagination. Furthermore, these activities stimulate their fine and gross motor skills as well as their sense of rhythm and balance.

through play and planned physical activities that encourage development of gross motor control skills.

through imaginative, creative processes and the option to choose among a variety of activities to cater to various interests.

through play and team activities.

through conversations with the child, reading aloud, etc.

through development of fine motor control skills and creative workshops.

through the four elements: water, air, fire, earth, and the four seasons.

Emphasis on the child

We help the individual child to see that he/she is valued, and that he/she is part of our community. We solve conflicts when they arise, listen, are attentive and prioritize the well-being of all children.

Physical environment

A variety of activities are available during the week. Classrooms are divided into activity zones with an adult present to supervise and offer assistance. The various activities are listed below.


  • Homework café every day at 13-14, where children can do their homework in a peaceful and calm  environment. A schoolteacher is present in the Homework café.
  • Fruit café 14:30 to 15:15, offering a healthy snack every day in the form of whole grain bread and fruit or vegetables.
  • Quiet space at 13:05 to 16:00. The Quiet Space is a room in which the children can take a break and have some quiet time. An SFO teachers is present in the Quiet Space.
  • Creative workshop: different creative activities are offered on a weekly basis, which help to stimulate fine motor skills and concentration.
  • Play café: board games, card games, etc. are available to play with.
  • Construction café: Lego bricks, ball tracks, cars, FlexiTrack, etc. are available to play with.
  • Drawing café: which allows children to concentrate on drawing and cut and paste. 
  • Physical activities are offered every day, including activities that stimulate the children’s gross motor skills and interpersonal skills, such as ball games, balance exercises, singing games, etc. These activities are conducted in the playground, by the bonfire, in the gym or in our multi-purpose room.

All activities are written on the whiteboard. Photos, an Annual Activity Cycle and next week’s theme activities are also displayed. The Annual Cycle is on the Annex’s board to ensure that the SFO’s educational practices are visible to all.

Parent collaboration

We have a very close, strong, and open collaboration with the parents, and we happily take time to talk about small and large questions concerning SFO children. It is always possible to have an informal talk with the SFO teachers in charge. We find it important to build bridges between home and SFO/school to create the best possible conditions for the child’s well-being.


We follow the values of Rygaards School in cooperation with the school’s teachers. This means that we also use our pedagogical skills and resources in school contexts, such a Theme Week and In-Depth Days. We have a positive and close collaboration with the teachers regarding each class and the well-being and development of the students. We share indoor and outdoor spaces with the school. Furthermore, we cooperate on special events, Theme Weeks, holiday celebrations, etc.

Regular events at SFO:

  • Grandparents’ day before Easter Holiday with activities such as Easter paper cuttings
  • Easter, with activities such as Easter paper cuttings
  • Gala party for the 3rd grade Danish Dep and Year 4 International Dep
  • Halloween Party for the 2nd grade Danish Dep and Year 3 International Dep
  • Advent Party, together with the school


  • To create a safe place to learn, have fun and be active.
  • To teach children to socialize in a community with respect and consideration for all.
  • To give children the opportunity to establish friendships across ages, cultures and departments.
  • To offer children creative and physical activities to benefit their physical and social development.
  • To give children influence and the possibility to take responsibility for their own learning.

Monthly Children's meetings

Once every month we gather all the children for a Children’s Meeting in the large common room. These meetings give the children a sense of community and ownership at the SFO. We emphasize our values in a positive manner and acknowledge the children’s engagement.

Open stage performances

4 times a year we arrange an event called Open Stage. Here, the children can perform and show their talents to each other on stage in a safe environment. At Open Stage, we promote respect for each child or group who put themselves out there and perform in front of an audience. 

Core values

The SFO is part of Rygaards School, and just like the school our values and practice are based on a Christian view of life and humanity. We focus on strengthening the children’s belief and trust in themselves, as well as their general development. Our SFO is a safe space, where children can grow – both socially, personally, and academically. We wish to create a culture in which all children feel welcome and accepted as who they are. We work actively on facilitating mutual respect among the children and showing them that each person is valuable to the community.

More information about Rygaards School’s values can be found here.

SFO Welcome Leaflet

The SFO leaflet for new children starting at the SFO can be downloaded under Documents in the bottom of the panel on the right.