School nurse

Rygaards School is serviced by two health nurses from Gentofte municipality’s health service.

The health nurses serve the international and the danish department respectively.

The health nurse’s offer is a combination of conversations, examinations and teaching.

The conversations deal with health issues of importance to the child. Depending on the age group, relevant topics concerning health and the child’s / young person’s own experience of well-being, health, and health habits are discussed. The conversations will take place individually or in small groups.

The health nurse’s offer depends on the individual child’s needs, but always includes:

  • Year 1: a conversation and examination of vision, hearing,  growth and motor skills.
  • Year 3: a conversation and growth .
  • Year 5: a conversation, growth and examination of vision.
  • Year 9: a conversation and examination of vision, hearing and growth.
  • If necessary, further interviews and examinations are offered.

If treatment is needed, referral is given to the relevant professional group.

Contact your health nurse

Children, teenagers, and parents are always welcome to contact the health nurse.

The schoolnurse Kirsten Gottschalck is at Rygaards School every Thursday.

telephone inquiry: 29162774 or by email: [email protected]

It is the policy of the school that the instructions / orders of the responsible Danish health authorities are followed.