Student Council

Student Council, years 7-11 and 7th-9th grade

The students' voice

In the school’s student council, students can discuss matters that concern them and give their suggestions to all matters relating to their schooling. Coordinating events such as competitions, gatherings and parties is also part of the student council’s role.

There are two student council liaison teachers: Mary Olesen and Samina Kjærbo. They attend the meetings and bring the questions and ideas from the student council to the attention of the other teachers and management and return with answers to the next meeting. Other than that, they have no function; students handle all tasks in the student council.

The student council consists of two representatives from each class. At the year’s first student council meeting two presidents are elected, one from the Danish department and one from the International Department. Tamás from 11Y has been elected president and Rebecca from 11Y is vice president this year.