The International English Programme

English is a valuable skill in our globalized world. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and its value has expanded enormously in the past decade due to increasing demand of English proficiency in jobs, growing social mobility and global competitiveness. English is also the most widely used language of instruction at universities around the world.

English language proficiency refers to the ability of students to communicate efficiently, both in spoken and written contexts. The purpose of the IEP is to give students the opportunity to develop their English language skills through a challenging curriculum that follows the FSA and IGCSE standards. The course provides a balanced programme, focusing on improving students’ oral, reading and writing skills, such as expanding their vocabulary, improving their grammar and pronunciation and empowering them with the confidence of speaking and expressing their thoughts seamlessly.

The Programmes starts from 6th grade

The programme is offered at the beginning of 6th grade. Students deemed suitable after a screening process, are offered an extra English lesson per week in addition to the existing three. The screening takes place in 5th grade in the second term. In all four English lessons, students in the IEP class are taken out of their existing classes and taught separately. In addition, the programme offers the opportunity to sit the IGCSE English Language exam at the end of 9th grade. Students will still be expected to participate in the Danish FSA English exam along with the rest of their class.

Potential candidates for the programme should:

  • be a native speaker of English OR have lived outside of Denmark for a significant part of his or her formal education, OR have strong English language abilities and a strong academic background.
  • be committed to participating in a challenging and rewarding curriculum.
  • have an acceptable score on the Cambridge Screening test which will be used to assess eligibility.
  • have the approval of both the student’s class teacher and the International English Programme coordinator, Noah A. Norrid. 

Parents will be invited to a general information evening in the middle of the autumn term, where interested parents can sign their children up for the screening process. Participation in the screening process does not guarantee a placement in the IEP programme.