Our Values and Community in Times of Uncertainty

At Rygaards, our esteemed values are what make us different. Values like kindness, mutual respect, empathy, and responsibility are all contributing to a great and nurturing atmosphere. One can genuinely feel these values throughout our school and community – and it’s in times like these of uncertainty where values can help us navigate and grow.    

One of the biggest challenges we are facing right now is the Coronavirus, a virus causing the COVID-19, that has been spreading throughout the world. Everyone is affected by this virus, and we all have had to adjust to new ways and find alternative solutions to ensure we continue on our learning paths. At Rygaards, we are taught to embrace challenges as they help us think outside the box – challenges can spark innovation, creativity and help us see and try new things from which we all can learn.  

While teachers, staff, and pupils are home, our community is still strong and working together, helping each other navigate through these uncertain and challenging times. Teachers are engaging with their students, new learning opportunities are being developed, and everyone is doing what they can to support and help each other grow. Reflecting on our current value of thankfulness, this is something all of us can be thankful for, our strong community – a big thank you to everyone.     

Looking at what we see in our community during this school-closing-period, it’s clear that creativity is still flourishing. Some teachers have created scientific YouTube videos with experiments to explain processes and concepts to their students. Some pupils have designed presentations about their hometowns, others have crafted books and comics about their favorite teddy bears, and much more. Currently, we might be physically apart, but creativity and technology help us stay connected.   

Creativity and curiosity also lead to exploration, which leads to both play and enhanced understanding. Challenging and difficult times can be tough, but by embracing them, they also provide opportunities for growth and community building. As our Principal states in his welcome message, “we are preparing them for a world that requires courage and flexibility” – it’s most certainly in times like these we are being tested, prepared, and learning. The development of our pupils extends beyond the textbook; it’s not just about becoming a great student but a life-long learner; a well-rounded individual who uses his or her skills to make a positive impact.    

Embrace challenges, be flexible, kind, and respectful towards each other. And remember, our values and community are what help us through times like these and ensure we continue to grow.