Rygaards School is a Christian Green School

The work that the Environmental Task Force (ETF) has done over the last six years has earned Rygaards School a place on the list of Green Schools.

Green schools with Christian values ​​are a network of schools that show consideration for God’s creation both in teaching and in the operation of the school. To become a Green School, you must work with a checklist with 48 points within 6 different categories. Over the last 6 years, the ETF has been working hard to achieve at least 25 of the points on this checklist. With the help of staff, parents and the children, we can now proudly announce that Rygaards International School has now been accepted as a member of the Green School with Christian Values network. 

To read more about Rygaards’ place on the list of Green Schools, check out the link.