Teaching Effectiveness and Grade Average

Rygaards School ranks as one of the country’s best schools with impressive results both in teaching effectiveness and grade average.

CEPOS’ latest study of effectiveness in primary schools for the school year 2022/23, places Rygaards School in an impressive position as number 18 out of 1413 schools in Denmark and as number 1 in Gentofte Kommune. The study, which considers students’ socioeconomic backgrounds, shows that Rygaards School manages to raise the students’ academic levels.

Teaching effectiveness is an expression of the difference between the grade average, which students achieve, and the expected grade average based on their socioeconomic background. The analysis indicates that Rygaards School has succeeded in creating a stimulating and educational learning environment, resulting in significant academic development among students.

At the same time,, Denmark’s leading school index, ranks Rygaards School as number 4 out of 2719 schools in the country with an impressive grade average of 9.6. This is well above the national grade average of 7.3.

CEPOS’ research director, Karsten Bo Larsen, highlights that there is a significant difference between the performances of the country’s weakest and strongest schools. He also notes a general pattern where the independent schools perform better than the public schools in raising students’ academic levels.

The positive teaching effectiveness at Rygaards School underscores the importance of dedicated teaching efforts and a strong school culture that focuses on developing each student’s potential.