Starting School – a New Chapter

Rygaards International School welcomes everyone back from the summer holiday!   

Looking around our campus, we can both see and hear our pupils return with smiles, laughter, and joy – all ready to start and embrace yet another great school year. While this summer has been different as the coronavirus still affects how we operate and how we interact with each other, it sure is great to be back.   

Each school year, Rygaards emphasises four different essential values from our values programme. This term, our first value couldn’t have been more fitting; the value of caring. Caring holds many meanings; among them, caring for each other, caring for friendships, caring for learning, and caring for our great community. During the term, we also get to work with the values of peace, forgiveness, and responsibility. All of which help create a unique, nurturing, and respectful atmosphere for everyone. 

This week, we also had the pleasure of welcoming the new children to our school and community. Starting school is a big step, and these individuals are now ready to start a new chapter in their life, full of learning, adventures, and new friends. Starting something new can be scary and overwhelming, especially considering the time in which these children start. At Rygaards, we learn that we should embrace these challenges. We should dare to be different and to leave our comfort zone as it helps us grow, both as individuals and as a community. 

At Rygaards, we have the advantage of being two schools under one roof, a Danish school and a British-styled International School, which elevates learning. The new children will also soon gain some of the insights from this unique environment, including cultural understanding and enhanced communication skills as the pupils get to interact with friends and fellow students from all over the world. They also learn about the strengths of diversity, inclusion, and how to work and play in multicultural groups.   

As our mission statement states, “Rygaards School sees as its purpose, in co-operation with parents, to practice a form of educating which aims to build up the self-confidence, sense of values, and all-round personal development of the individual student.” We are proud to start yet another school year fulfilling this purpose and to continue growing our community and its impact around the world.