Students from Rygaards School Impress at Math Kangaroo Competition

The third Thursday in March is a special day for math enthusiasts. Internationally, around 6 million students from over 100 countries gather for the annual mathematics competition, Math Kangaroo. This year, 525 classes (grades 4-9) from 132 schools in Denmark participated. Rygaards School was one of them, and we beam with pride over the results.

Alumni day

We look forward to welcoming back former students and staff to visit the school.

Rygaards Garden

Just off to the side of the Park, behind the basket ball court, is the Rygaards Garden.

Victorian Day

On June 8 the students from Year 2 traveled back into time, to experience school in the Victorian era.

Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day with a spectacular hat parade.

A glimpse inside

We are proud to present to you these new films about our International Department, our Danish Department, and our Danish Indskoling. Watch them and get a glimpse inside our everyday life and the atmosphere here at Rygaards.